The PROVA BOARD PAN ASSEMBLY KIT® provides all of the components required to install and waterproof a tiled shower using PROVA-BOARD® Plus tile backer. Save time, money, and rest assured your shower assembly will last for years to come!

  • Available in ABS and PVC
  • Perfect for new construstion or projects where existing drywall or cement board needs replaced
  • Elliminates the two-step process of waterproofing membrane over cement board and/or drywall
  • Cost-effective combination when using PROVA-BOARD® Plus tile backer and the new PROVA BOARD PAN ASSEMBLY KIT®
Drain Size & PlacementDrain Material
48' x 48" (120cmx 120cm) center drain ABS and PVC
32" x 60" (81cm x 125cm) off set drain ABS and PVC